This is the 'Special Page' mentioned in the '18k Shoutout Contest Explained' page.

360 SuperCoins for $90

[at 75% Discount | SavE $270]

Click on the ‘Buy‘ button above to make the payment. Alternatively, you can scan this QR code using your phone camera and complete the payment.

Key Points:

1. We use Stripe as our secure and trusted partner for payments.
2. Supported payment methods are Card, Klarna, and Bank Transfer.
3. Mighty Joe Ventures is the company that owns, so you may see either Mighty Joe Ventures or on your bank statement.
4. Please remember to download a copy of the invoice for your records once the payment has been completed.
5. If you choose to make a payment via bank transfer, please note that it takes 2-14 days to confirm payment with ACH direct debit. Consequently, you will receive an email from us confirming the credit of 360 SuperCoins only after we have been notified that the payment has cleared. For those using other payment methods, the confirmation email will be sent within one business day.
6. If you prefer to make four interest-free payments of $22.50, please select Klarna as your payment method on the next page.

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